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  1. Generative AI:-
    • Content Generation: You want high-quality written content. Use tools such as ChatGPT, and BARD. But, ineffective in some copywriting niches.
    • Art and Design: It can create unique paintings, sculptures, or designs.Which is very close to realistic designs created by artists.
    • Chatbots and customer support: The interaction you do without realizing. These chatbots are more efficient and very responsive for handling regular queries.  

  1. Natural processing language:- A machine language used to interpret, between computers and human language.NLP algorithms help to convert text to speech data.
    • Chatbots and virtual assistants: Siri and Hey Google are some famous bots used in this concept.
    • Language Translation: Machine translations like Google Translate are used through NLP translate which converts different languages accurately and effectively.
  2. Explainable AI: Not heard of it ??Blackbox.AI if you are a tech freak. You must know it. Go search now. It contains AI systems that provide detailed explanations of complex problems. Also beneficial for insights into why the decision was made highlighting factors, like credit history, income, or recent financial behavior.
    • Financial Risk Assessment 
    • Autonomous Vehicles
    • Customer Service Chatbots
    • Legal & Compliance
  3. Low code/No code AI: An efficient technology helps to create applications with minimal coding effort. If you are not very fond of coding then this is for you. Helps in predictive situations such as,
    1. Predicting Analytics for E-Commerce:
    2. Medical Diagnosis Assistant
    3. Content Recommendation Engines


As we venture into 2023-2024, businesses that embrace these AI marketing trends position themselves at the forefront of innovation. Whether it’s the creativity unleashed by Generative AI, the linguistic prowess of NLP, the transparency offered by Explainable AI, or the accessibility of Low code/No code AI, the future of marketing is undeniably intertwined with the power of artificial intelligence.

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