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How Did Tech Burners Become A Millionaire? Full Case Study

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How Did Tech Burners Become A Millionaire?
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Tech Burner is one of India’s highest-paid and most-viewed Tech Youtube channels. He started his journey by making his videos in the parking lot and now he has established many businesses through his youtube channel where he makes around a million dollars in a month. Now the question arises, What are all businesses tech burner established? What are his sources of income? What is Tech Burner’s Monthly Income? And How did Tech Burners Become a Millionaire? Full Case Study

1. YouTube

Although Tech Burner’s YouTube channel comes in India’s Top 5 Tech Youtube channels, he has the most-viewed YouTube channel In India. Right now he has around 9.7 million subscribers on his youtube channel where he uploads around 5 videos in a week and he got an average of more than 1 million views per video.

On YouTube, Youtubers are earning majorly in 2 ways (1) Adsense and (2) Sponsorships. And Tech Burner’s  Adsense revenue is very high because big tech company runs their premium ads on tech channel. And Tech Burner’s Sponsorship amount is also very high because of his premium audiences.

Tech Burner also has multiple YouTube channels in niches are:

  1. Tech – Tech Burner and TechBurner Shorts
  2. Podcast – Shlok Srivastava
  3. Facts – BurnerBits and BurnerBits Shorts
  4. Finance – House of Growth Shorts and House of Growth
  5. Tips & Tricks – QuickBits

2. Burner Digital

It is the media channel of Tech Burner where is manage all the social media handles of his businesses. He has a google play store account under the name Burner Media where he has uploaded 3 apps like wallpaper, scanner, etc. Here, he also makes websites and apps for other companies.

How Did Tech Burners Become A Millionaire?

3. Overlays Clothing

How Did Tech Burners Become A Millionaire?
credit: overlay clothing

Overlays Clothing is a cloth brand started in September 2021. Here, Tech Burner sells Premium and high-quality T-shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, etc, all over India. Overlays Clothing is also one of the highest investment Businesses of Shlok Srivastav (Tech Burner) where he had to set up his factory. He also said in his recent interview that he will make Overlays one of the top brands in the clothing industry.

4. Layers Skin

How Did Tech Burners Become A Millionaire?

Layers is one of his recent businesses started in September 2022 Where he sells High-quality laptops & Mobile Skins with unique designs. It is also a very high-profit margin business, For this business, Shlok purchased 2 printers for 20 & 30 lakh rupees and it is a one-time investment business. He sells laptop skins for around ₹1099 and mobile skins for around ₹499. 

As you know brands spend a lot of money on marketing but in the case of Tech Burner, He spends zero money on his marketing because he is an influencer too with millions of followers.

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In one of his interviews, he said that his all business revenue is multiple crores per month, and he has around 200 employees. He also said in one of his podcasts that he can easily buy a Tesla with his monthly income. His monthly income is around more than ₹50 lakhs and Tech Burner has also become one of the youngest millionaires.


  1. Always try to think big. Shlok is a very big thinker, he could have made and sold his merchandise like other YouTubers, but he started his own clothing brand and competed with big brands in the industry.
  2. Always Invest your money in yourself. In one of his podcasts, he said that he does not invest his money in other company stocks and shares rather he can spend his all money on his businesses.

Hope you have loved How Did Tech Burners Become A Millionaire?

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