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How Dr. Vivek Bindra Makes Money In Crores?

How Dr. Vivek Bindra Makes Money In Crores?
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Dr. Vivek Bindra is of the most influential and successful entrepreneurs on youtube. He established a business through which he earns in crore in a month. He has established 5 businesses through YouTube, which are purely passive sources of income. Now the question is, How does Dr. Vivek Bindra make money in crores? How many businesses does he run? and What is his passive source of income?

1. Youtube

YouTube, How Dr. Vivek Bindra Makes Money In Crores?

Dr. Vivek Bidra has 2 main channels on youtube (1) “Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker” which has 20 million subscribers and (2) “Dr. Vivek Bindra Personal Vlogs” which has 559k subscribers, And on these two channels, he mostly uploads videos like Business Motivational.

On youtube, Youtubers are earning majorly in 2 ways (1) Adsense and (2) Sponsorships. Dr. Vivek Bindra has the most subscribed entrepreneurship youtube channel in the world. And his Adsense revenue and sponsorship amount will be very high.

He also does a paid case study on youtube where he promotes a particular business in the video and even he also promotes his business in the video.

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2. Corporate Training & Seminar

In 2011, Dr. Vivek Bindra started a company “Global Act” in which he provides customized training. So basically, He motivates and gives training to the employees of a big company on How to solve problems, and how to improve communication skills.

He has worked with various big companies like Bajaj, Tata, Maruti Suzuki, etc, and a big motivational speaker charges between 20 to 30 lakh rupees for one session.

3. Bada Business

In 2019, He changed his business name from Global Act to Bada Business and Bada Business crossed 100 crores in revenue in the year 2020. Here, He changed his business modal from B2B to B2C. So, previously he helps big corporate companies but now he helps small businessmen. 

How he crossed 100 crores in revenue in just 2 years.

Here, his company has 3 business models and they all are purely passive sources of income.

  • Courses

Courses business modal is like this it takes a one-time investment, and effort but after that, you can sell them tons of times for the next 8 to 10 years and it is a passive source of income. His average course price is between 10,000 to 25,000 rupees and he has around 75,000 paid users in his company. Suppose everyone takes the cheapest course which is 10,000 rupees, he has made around 35 crore rupees by just selling his courses.

  • IBC

Independent Business Consultant (IBC) is a sort of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) in which you have to pay 80,000 rupees to the company and they will provide you with training, courses, and tech software. After that, you have to recommend the Course to the client and if they buy then you will get a 25% commission on it.

  • Franchise

Here, Bada Business offers its franchise. So, if opening an office of Bada Business they will provide all the tech stuff and etc. And the profit you make, Bada Business will keep 10% rest is yours.

4. Books

Dr. Vivek Bindra had written so many books, including top books “Everything about Leadership”, “Pocket Money to Professional Salary”, “Effective Planning and Time Management” and “Everything About Corporate Etiquette”

Now, Books are a very effective passive source of income. So, if any book is sold then some money send to the publisher and the rest of the money goes to Dr. Vivek Bindra.

5. Horses Stable Reality Show

Horses Stable Reality Show,

It is basically a reality show like Shark Tank in which people pitch their startup ideas in front of Investors and Investors invest in their startup ideas. He basically runs this show on his youtube channel and runs on the OTT platform MXPlayer and MXPlayer’s business modal is very similar to Netflix.

Hope you have loved How Dr. Vivek Bindra Makes Money In Crores?

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