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How Google Maps Make Money?

How Google Maps Make Money?
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Google Maps is one of the most popular maps on the internet used by at least 1 billion people every month and over 100 million people every day. Google Maps is a great tool for navigating and making sure you’re on the right track. Whether you’re traveling for personal or business purposes, Google Maps has all the information you need. Google doesn’t disclose Google Maps figures, but the estimated revenue is around $5 billion annually. An important question arises here, How does google maps make money? What is the income source of google maps?

As a user, You primarily use Google Maps to find things in your area and avoid unnecessary detours. But for Google, it`s about more than just navigation. Google Maps generates over $5 billion in annual revenue through its three core businesses: local ads, promotions, and the Google Maps API.

How does google maps make money?

1. Local Ads

Local Ads, How does google maps make money?

When you search on Google “restaurant near me” most probably, you see the top restaurants near you are paid ads. It means Google charges an amount of money from these restaurants to list their restaurant at the top of the list. Google Maps generates $3.4 Billion in revenue from local ads.

2. Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins, How does google maps make money?

Whenever you zoom in on the map, then you see a lot of  “normal-sized” pins of restaurants, shops, hotels, and petrol pumps. These are the typical small businesses. But when you zoom out on Google Maps, then you will see only a few big-sized pins of hotels and restaurants. Here, Google Charges a sum of money from these hotels and restaurants to show their pins more aggressively on the Google Maps App.

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3. Google Maps APIs & Partnership

Google Maps APIs & Partnership, How does google maps make money?

Usually, apps like Zomato and uber require system maps for delivery, Pickup, drop, and asset tracking. So, the companies like Zomato, and Uber Use Google Maps at the backend of their application. And  Google Maps charges money from these companies to use their API in their apps.

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