9 Ways To Make Money From Instagram

Here we have compiled the list of ways how you can earn money from Instagram

Sponsored Post

If you  have minimum 1000 loyal follower with Good engagement rate. You can write emails to different brands &You can charge accordingly for your sponsored post.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money on Instagram. You just have to promote another product & Someone buys it, & you will the commission on it.

Selling shoutout

If you have more than 10k followers. You Charge money by giving shoutouts to others' accounts.

online store

Create an online store of Digital products. It can be anything like ebooks, courses, etc. This costs you almost 0 or a few dollars to create this.

Selling your Instagram account

You can sell your Instagram account and earn money. It depends on your followers.  

Start freelancing

You can start freelancing services. If have grown your Instagram page, then you can start managing others Instagram pages & start charging money for it.

Start Drop shipping

Drop shipping is most like a online store but little different. you can learn about drop shipping on internet. 

online consulting

If you have deep knowledge in anything or in Instagram, You start consulting online in exchange of money.


Instagram has recently launched a monetization program where you can earn money on reels bonus.